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Anchored Bible Study
Finding Stability from God's Word for the Storms of Life
by Monica Bass

    All of us face storms. Sometimes our storms are publicly known—the death of a close family member or the loss of a job. Sometimes they are intensely personal—a private disappointment or a season of emotional distress. Sometimes our storms are merely inconveniences, and other times they are life-altering.

But regardless of the storm, we are not the first to experience it. Throughout the pages of God’s Word, we find men and women who knew what it was to have their faith tested . . . and strengthened. However overwhelming your storm may be, you can find an anchor in a faithful God who always keeps His promises.

   All ladies are welcome to join us for our 10-week Bible Study starting in April. Study Guides will be available for purchase in March. Please RSVP if you would like one.

    This ten-week study guide provides outlines with support Scriptures for your group study as well as thought-provoking questions and five personal devotions with space to journal personal reflection and application for each week.

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